Direct to garment printing is a process by which garments are printed directly from a computer using advanced inkjet technology.  While the inks and hardware are different than your desktop printer, the artwork used and the method of printing from your PC are virtually the same.


Gone is the need to generate or reduce your our artwork to a small number of colors to meet the limitations of printing by screens.


Digital direct to garment printing allows a much wider range of colors, tones and effects than traditional screen printing at the same time it produces much higher quality output than you can get through transfers.  Direct to garment inks are water based which means that the prints have a much softer “hand” (softer to the touch) than plastisol screen prints.


Most importantly, direct to garment printing allows on demand prints from one off designs and prints to small and medium sizes production runs. There are no film and screen setups involved and control over inventory are just a few examples of the benefits of DTG printing


At MG Design, we use the Viper 2 from DTG Digital. The DTG Brand of direct to garment printers is always at the vanguard of printing technology and has a history of producing reliable, high quality prints that are meant to last.

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